Donnerstag, Mai 03, 2007

Der Fall Mikko Ellila in Finnland - Blogger in Not

Bitte Kommentarbereich lesen!

Ab und an hat die Justiz eines EU-Landes Probleme mit der harten Realität und verträgt die Wahrheit nicht.
Aktuell handelt es sich um die finnischen Behörden, die den Blogger Mikko Ellila "befragen" müssen, da er den Islam (aka religion of peace and universal understanding) in Verbindung mit Gewalt gebracht hat.

Mehr dazu auch hier: Mikko speaks out!

Wer seiner Besorgnis als EU-Bürger darüber Ausdruck verleihen möchte, kann das ua. hier tun (ein Musterschreiben anbei):

Dear Excellency!

I am writing to you as a fellow european citizen and friend of your country who is deeply alarmed about the case of a finnish citizen named Mikko Ellila.
As I was informed he was or is subject of interrogation by the municipial police departement, because he dared to criticise the religion of Islam and because he had taken clear and profound positions in his weblog, which were in his own words, " pro-European, pro-American and pro-Israeli".

I am sure that in a country like Finnland with its long tradition of freedom of expression, democracy and liberalism such an act can only be an aberrant.
I thank you for your time and patience.

Sincerly yours, Dein Name!

Botschaft von Finnland
Rauchstrasse 1
10787 Berlin, Deutschland
Tel. +49 (0)30 50 50 30
Fax: +49 (0)30 50 50 33 33

Botschaft von Finnland
Gonzagagasse 16
Postfach 72
A-1013 Wien, Österreich
Tel. +43-1-531 590
Fax +43-1-535 5703

Oder hier: Finnische Vertretungen


Anonym hat gesagt…

"he was or is subject of interrogation by the municipial police departement, because he dared to criticise the religion of Islam"

You are absolutely right... and monkeys are flying out of my butt-hole! The text was not about Islam! It was childishly racist propaganda. Read the English version please:

Astuga hat gesagt…

I`ve read it and I`ve commented it there.
And you`re right, this particular text was not about Islam.
And like I said in my comment there allready, I dont agree with his langugage and points of view on this matter!!!

Nevertheless, if one looks at it in a broader picture and in the european context of so called PC the action taken by the finnish officials are more then questionable.
As I see it they`re trying to set a precedent case - as we have seen it before in other western countries.

It would be wiser for them to crush in on people who threaten to behead others or cry for violence in the name of ideology or religion!
All things Ellila did`nt do.